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Order Software: The Advantages of Workist at a Glance

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Order software: it has many advantages. But what exactly are these benefits, and what does Workist look like in particular? We want to answer these questions in this article. We also clarify some important details about implementation and the impact of Workist on your company's processes.


Order processing in the age of digitalization

For companies, the digitalization of order processing is an important step towards a more efficient way of working. The digital processing of orders simplifies the handling of order data. With AI-based order software, you can automate and optimize the process of entering orders, order confirmations, invoices, delivery notes and the like into your ERP system. This ensures an error-free, professional and efficient way of working when dealing with your customers and suppliers.


How does Workist work?

Workist is designed to automate your document-based processes in the area of administrative office work. We offer you a modern AI software that takes your operational processes in sales and procurement to a new level and accompanies your digital transformation from manual process management to fully automated processing.

When developing Workist, we took a holistic end-to-end approach. This also applies to working with the software: it maps your processes from receiving orders in your mailbox through to entering your orders in the ERP system. This ensures enormous time savings of between 70 and 95 per cent on average compared to traditional order entry.


8 benefits of Workist


1. Workist optimizes your processes

With our end-to-end automation solution, we enable companies to optimize and automate their processes sustainably. Our AI software captures and processes your order documents fully automatically. This allows you to streamline your workflows and shorten your response cycles. The massive time savings also free up important personnel resources, allowing your employees to focus more on success-relevant tasks such as active sales and customer service - a significant advantage in times of skilled labour shortages.


2. Integrating Workist is very simple

With Workist, you can digitalize your order processing without having to initiate extensive IT projects or make complex adjustments to your ERP system. Thanks to a state-of-the-art EDI connection, Workist can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT environment within just a few hours. To ensure a smooth process, our experts with their many years of experience will provide you with professional support every step of the way. Prior training of the AI is also not necessary. In the spirit of plug-and-play, all of your customers are covered by Workist immediately after setup. This guarantees you the fastest possible ROI and allows you to focus on the essentials again.


3. Workist blends seamlessly into existing processes

Workist solves the entire process with a holistic approach. This also means that established processes are only tackled where change is desired. For example, while orders continue to be received by email as usual, they are now automatically recognized by Workist and transferred to the ERP system. The AI only asks an expert for assistance in the event of uncertainties. As a result, your customers benefit from shorter response cycles without their ordering process changing. In fact, your customers won't even notice that you are using Workist. You therefore don't need to worry about acceptance problems or external change management.


4. Workist is compatible

Workist works regardless of the layout, language or file format of the order. Because the AI can interpret them as intelligently as a human, documents in a wide range of layouts, languages and file formats can be processed successfully without any problems. The AI software works with all ERP systems and can be seamlessly integrated into any software environment. Our artificial intelligence Worki understands the most common data formats: PDF documents, Excel spreadsheet, emails with order information as free text, images and more.


5. Workist is scalable

Workist easily adapts to your needs and prepares your company for the future. This also means that the software is scalable. If your company grows, you acquire new customers or existing customers increase your order volume, you can easily manage these new requirements with Workist without hiring more staff.


6. Workist is improving continuously

You've probably asked yourself whether there are regular updates and improvements to Workist. That's understandable. After all, with modern, automated order management, you always want to stay up to date. As our software is AI-based, it is constantly learning from your individual customer data and the input of your employees. Your knowledge therefore grows with every input. If the AI does not know whether a data extraction is correct, human clerks provide feedback.


7. As a Workist user, you are in good company

More and more companies are using Workist today. Our order software has already processed over a million documents in total. Companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Brennenstuhl and Zentis, as well as major players in retail and production, rely on our expertise and process their orders with our order processing software on a daily basis.


8. Workist validates your Data

To ensure the accuracy of your data at all times, our software carries out a master data comparison for each document. As a result, the programme also recognizes when orders are incorrect. For example, if a customer repeatedly orders with the wrong article number, this is automatically recognized after a few times (see above: topic "Machine learning through input by the clerk").


How Workist automates your order entry with AI

Workist's AI software can process all important data from your order documents quickly and accurately. Thanks to the EDI connection, you can integrate the application into your existing systems in no time at all. In this section, we would like to show you how you can automate your order entry with Workist.


Why does Workist use AI for its order software?

At Workist, we use artificial intelligence to automate order entry and make it even easier than with conventional software. Because traditional order entry is a time-consuming, inefficient, often error-prone and not always frustration-free task, we want to offer our customers seamless integration, continuous improvement and the highest possible time savings. All of this is possible with AI.


What is the AI capable of?

In short, Workist uses artificial intelligence to automate document processing within B2B transactions. It interprets documents intelligently and understands them regardless of their layout. It acts as an interface between your incoming orders and invoicing and covers all the steps in between. Workist offers a variety of features to solve the process intelligently and holistically, such as validation with master data, machine learning or the Human in the Loop functionality.


How fast can the AI learn and what can it learn?

The Workist AI is fully operational from day one. This is because, as already mentioned, it has already been trained with numerous documents. It continues to learn with your individual documents and will soon be able to deal with special cases specific to your company. If the AI is unsure and has questions, a clerk gives it the necessary data to fill in the gaps in its knowledge. It recognizes and learns patterns that it later applies to other cases. This is also known as machine learning.

When learning, the AI finds information contained in a document and recognizes, validates and extracts it. The simpler the information is to see and the more legible the documents are, the easier it is for the AI to recognize them. The better the data, the better the AI.


Getting started with Workist

Firstly, we will show you how our AI solution works in detail in a short demo. At Workist, we also offer you a non-binding test with your own master data and representative order documents. This allows you to see straight away how the tool fits into your processes and see the functions for yourself under realistic test conditions. This will also give you an initial insight into how much time you can save right from the start.



As part of the implementation phase, we coordinate with your IT and after around one to two weeks you can go live with Workist.

Once implementation is complete, we offer you additional training and high-touch support for the next four to six weeks. During this assistance phase, you and your employees have time to familiarize yourselves with the new order software and ask questions.



In contrast to other software solutions, every document that you forward to your Workist email address is checked by a clerk during this time. We use the feedback to train the AI and it gradually learns to identify special cases.

During the assistance phase, you already generate added value, as your orders are already transferred digitally to your ERP system. The assistance cases generally save a lot of time, as the data has already been read out. You only need to check it with a few clicks and correct it if necessary. After this training period, which also serves to familiarize all employees with the application, manual transfer at the touch of a button is no longer necessary.



After a few weeks, you will receive an analysis from us showing how much we can automate with Workist after the training period. From this point onwards, all forwarded documents are automatically transferred to your ERP system. If you are unsure, the AI will contact you by email. By processing these assistance cases, the AI continuously improves and learns from day to day.


Guide: What should I look out for when buying order software?

You now know the advantages of Workist. Of course, we also want to tell you what else you should look out for when choosing the right software. With modern order software, you can sustainably increase the efficiency and productivity of your company. When choosing, you should take as much time as possible and compare different providers and solutions - such as OCR approaches, template-based options and AI software as well as alternative methods.

To find the right software for your needs, you should consider the following seven points:

  1. Carry out an analysis: Before you decide on an order software, you should analyse your requirements as precisely as possible. Which functions and features must the application absolutely fulfil so that you can not only continue to handle your business processes smoothly, but also optimize them? In your evaluation, pay particular attention to the number of your orders, the number of transactions and the connection options to your existing software environment as well as possible scalability.
  2. Pay attention to user-friendliness: The new programme you choose should be as intuitive as possible and fit seamlessly into everyday work processes. This will ensure that your employees get to grips with your new order software as quickly as possible and that there is no long transition phase during the changeover.
  3. Examine the implementation effort: Don't be afraid to ask the various software companies about the complexity of implementing their customized applications. In times of smart AI software, it's not worth relying on a programme that won't save you any significant time - from day one!
  4. Ensure the integration of the new order software into your existing systems: it should be able to be seamlessly connected to your ERP system. This will ensure the seamless exchange of data and avoid duplication of work.
  5. Value good support: Inform yourself about the update and support service offered by the products you are considering. If you have any questions or problems, the providers should offer quick solutions. Regular updates should also be standard.
  6. Focus on data protection and security: Make sure that the order software offers robust security measures. This not only ensures trust and reliability: the protection of your customer data should always take centre stage when selecting your desired application. When searching, pay attention to details such as the location of the servers.
  7. Think about flexibility and scalability: With regard to your flexibility and the possible further development of your company as well as your workflows and processes, you should definitely ensure that your order software is scalable and can grow with your company. Scalability also means that you can add additional functions and modules as required. True to the motto: flexibility is everything!


Conclusion: Order entry – Software as reliable support

Whether you opt for Workist is entirely up to you. However, modern AI software is clearly the tool of choice today when it comes to order entry. It offers you the opportunity to fully automate your order processing and thus save time, eliminate errors and work even more cost-efficiently in the future.


Frequently asked questions about working with the Workist order software


How does Workist Support work?

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about our software and its operation in our support area. You can also use our contact form to submit your own questions and make an appointment for a 30-minute product demo. As a Workist user, our customer service is always at your disposal.


Where is Workist located?

Workist is a German tech start-up based in Berlin.


Will my customers know that I use Workist?

If you want to digitalize your order management and use Workist as your order software in future, nothing stands in the way of your changeover. Your customers will not notice the new way of working. They will receive your order confirmation with all the important information by email as usual and will probably only notice that you have changed something in your processes due to the faster processing.


Where is the Workist software running?

As a plug-and-play software, Workist runs exclusively in the cloud. This means we can always guarantee the latest security updates and regular maintenance of our servers by specialists. We use the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The servers are located in Frankfurt.


Is automation worthwhile for me?

Automating order processing is just as worthwhile for small businesses and start-ups as it is for large corporations. With AI software like that from Workist, you don't need to familiarize yourself with complex processes and gain time for the value-adding part of your work.