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Behind the Scenes of Saving 100 Hours a Week: A Contorion Success Story

Valentina Yakupova at Contorion's warehouse with tools and supplies in the background, featuring the Contorion and Workist logos to symbolize their partnership.
  • 3 mins

In the bustling heart of Berlin, a story of digital innovation and professional craftsmanship unfolds at Contorion. This company isn't just any wholesale retailer; it's a mission-driven enterprise dedicated to delivering the finest tools and workshop supplies online, crafting time and cost efficiencies for craftsmen and craftswomen everywhere.

However, the road to operational excellence is fraught with obstacles. Scarce resources, a lack of qualified specialists, and a high susceptibility to errors in order processing can significantly hamper progress. Contorion faced such challenges head-on, transforming them into a blueprint for success with the help of Workist.


The Challenge: A Daunting Task

Picture this: sifting through order confirmations for hundreds of items from 113 different warehouse suppliers, each sending PDF documents for manual review. “We sometimes have 500–600 items on an order confirmation, and then you need almost the whole day to check these items,” explains Valentina Yakupova, Senior Logistic Manager at Contorion. The process was not just time-consuming, but also a drain on valuable resources.


The Solution: Enter Workist

The game changed with Workist's intervention. This AI-powered platform turned a cumbersome process into a streamlined operation. "With Workist, the work has become much easier. So the job is definitely more fun... In every company, time is money, and this saves us so much time that I can do other tasks that I sometimes would have done another day," says Christina Laurisch, Logistics Administrator at Contorion.


Results That Speak Volumes

  • ⏱️ Dramatic Reduction in Manual Processing Time: Saving up to 99% for singular processes and a total of 100 working hours a week.
  • 🔄 Strategic Task Prioritization: Empowering the team to focus on more impactful work.
  • 😊 Enhanced Job Satisfaction: Fostering a more engaging and fulfilling work environment.

These outcomes are not just numbers; they represent a significant leap towards achieving operational excellence, underscoring the transformative power of AI in streamlining complex processes.



We owe a huge thank you to Valentina Yakupova and Christina Laurisch for making not only this shift, but also this success story possible. We’re very proud to be a part of Contorion’s journey in making their processes future-proof, and we’re excited for what the future holds for this great collaboration. 

Are you ready to revolutionize your workflow and experience the unparalleled benefits of AI-driven document processing automation? Join the ranks of Contorion and other industry leaders who have transformed their operations with Workist. Say goodbye to manual drudgery and hello to strategic growth and heightened employee satisfaction.

Discover what Workist can do for your business. Let's embark on a journey of innovation and efficiency together. Simply book your preferred time slot here and embark on the path to operational excellence and strategic innovation with Workist.